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Wednesday, July 9, 2014

When in Patagonia...rent a truck!

We asked 5 different rental companies, 3 of them just looked at us like we were crazy, but finally we found someone who would rent us a car to drive to Punta Arenas. 

So for 9 days we drove 7-8 hours a day stopping to take pictures whenever we wanted (and we have some great ones)! We drove 2,150 kilometers in this beautiful vehicle! 

This is Phoebe our beautiful red pick-up!

We even all learned how to put chains on. Great life skill!

Some days I even got to practice my stick shift driving skills! Nothing better than learning to drive a manual pick-up on dirt roads in Patagonia! 

Other times I was designated to throw rocks in a pudddle to see where/if it was shallow enough that we wouldn't get stuck

We had some great adventures in our truck: sunsets, dirt roads, singing christmas music, watching groundhogs day in the rain, and nutella and cream cheese sandwiches. 

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